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Financial Management Products & Services for the Winnipeg Area

We provide investment planning and advice. We offer retirement plans, tax-free savings accounts, annuities, registered education savings plans, registered disability savings plans, and non-registered investments.

We offer investment funds and guaranteed investments through many companies including banks, mutual fund and trust companies.

We also offer life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, long-term care insurance, and segregated funds through a number of life insurance companies. We have expertise in group benefit and group retirement programs.

Additionally, our general insurance division offers homeowner, tenant, business and liability insurance plans provided by several insurance companies.

We are not financially sponsored by these companies. We offer financial advice that is independent from any financial or investment company. We are not employees or agents of any bank, credit union, mutual fund or life insurance company, so you will not be pushed into proprietary products.

We understand that, as your life goes on, you will require different products to meet your evolving needs. An investment portfolio built for today will need to change over time. We believe that you very likely are not well-suited to accept this challenge yourself and will require assistance in developing a financial plan. In addition, ongoing proactive assistance in maintaining and making changes to your program will be required over time as your situation evolves.

We are constantly made aware of new products that are being developed and offered by financial companies. We scrutinize those and can bring them to your attention if they can help you move your financial plan forward.

Investing in financial markets is a long-term proposition, and short-term results are often disappointing and frustrating. You will need the discipline not to react emotionally. You need to stay on course and ignore the noise that is in the news daily. You will need support to achieve your goals. We offer you this advice and support. You will talk to and meet with the same people, year after year.

Should we offer a product or service that you consider attractive for your situation, we will coordinate placing your business through whatever company is offering the desired product, and we will be paid directly by the company that is the recipient of your business.

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